Take advantage of the need to belong

Who doesn’t like to feel special? The main reason why people all indian phone numbers to a mailing list, for example, is because they like to know that they are part of something special (of a group, like members of a private club). Knowing this need, you can take advantage of that search for belonging by offering things like being among the first to receive brand news (such as launches, sales, promotions, etc.) or access exclusive content that they cannot find in other channels of the brand. the brand (tips on how to use and care for the products, for example).

I offer additional value

If the first points help to attract an audience, the idea of ​​offering additional value is to give that final push to those who are still not convinced . You have to offer them something that they can’t resist! A classic example of this is to promise an exclusive discount when someone subscribes to your email base (don’t forget to do it with a limited time of use, so you encourage them to make use of it as soon as possible).

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Stay in touch

The above points will be of no use if once you DV Leads to put together your list and your follower base you do not maintain continuous contact. Every communication with them is an opportunity for your brand, make the most of it! It is important to find a balance between not having contact and sending email campaigns all the time, neither extreme is good. Every piece of communication you send has to have a clear objective. Put together a plan that takes into account all instances of contact: commemorative dates (such as Mother’s Day and Christmas), special events (such as World Internet Day and CyberMonday), seasonal launches of your brand, liquidation moments, etc.

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