Zhang Nan, CEO of Douyin Group, said that film and television creators are an important part of Douyin

In addition, under the promotion of short videos, Poland Phone Number “The Legend of Zhen Huan”, which premiered in 2011. Was wrapped in pulp and lasted for a long time; classic old films such as “Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Ming Dynasty 1566”, “Soldier Assault”, etc. It has become popular”, affecting more and more young people.

The partnership between iQIYI and Douyin means that. QIYI’s new content can get more exposure on Douyin, and the old movies in its copyright library will also have the opportunity to regain attention and give full play to the long-tail value.

For Douyin users and creators, Douyin is authorized by iQiyi, which avoids possible infringement risks for film and television content creators.

At the same time, iQIYI’s copyrighted content can provide. Douyin creators with more creative inspiration and convenience; creators can use the power of. Erchuang to recommend good content to more audiences – attracted . Erchuang And there are not a few short video users who go to the long video platform to find the original movie to watch.

At the end of last year, a well-known film and television UP master launched the “Soldier Assault” series of second-generation programs at station B, which triggered a boom in watching dramas, which is a typical case.

3. Rethinking the Second Creation of “Controversial”

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At that time, on Weibo, Douban and other social platforms. many young netizens posted that they were taken by Muyu Amway and decided to watch the original film. but now they fell into the pit of “Soldier Assault”Zhang Nan, CEO of Douyin Group, said that film and television creators are an important part of Douyin

The data shows that whenever Muyu Shuixin updates the. Soldier Assault” commentary on the second creation video, the “Soldier Assault” Baidu Index will reach a peak, and the “Soldier Assault” episode broadcast index will also increase accordingly.


Erchuang’s video “feeds back” long videos. Which is obviously contrary to Erchuang’s allegations of “squeezing the living space of long videos” in the past.

On June 3, 2021, Fan Luyuan, President of. Youku, called on Chen Rui, Chairman of Station B, at the 9th China Internet Audiovisual. Conference, hoping that Station B can always regard original short videos as its main development goalttract popularity and

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