What are the main CMS to create your online store?

Now, it should be noted that there are several usa email database systems, for this reason when creating our online store we must know the differences between them to choose the content manager that best suits our web design project . Some of the most used content managers for online stores today are: . 1.WooCommerce . WooCommerce is a free plugin that is installed within the WordPress CMS to create a product catalog within a website. WordPress together with WooCommerce is the most chosen platform for small businesses that want to sell their products online, as it is easy to manage and includes many customization features thanks to its complementary plugins.

Advantages of WooCommerce

It is a free plugin within WordPress WordPress is Open Source, that is, it is an open source CMS. Its ideal for small and medium online stores. It is compatible with several payment methods (Paypal, redsys, stripe, bank transfer, cash on delivery…) Multiple product shipping options (single price, free shipping, international shipping, local shipping, and local pickup) It offers different customization preferences (sizes, colors, stocks…) Able to work the SEO positioning of each product or category. Data metrics about shipments. Able to generate order invoices for customers. Allows you to set discount codes and coupons for a product or products.

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WooCommerce drawbacks

It is not highly recommended for stores with more than 500 DV Leads. In that case it is better to opt for another CMS to create our online store. Some of its features may be limited and require paid plugins. . 2.PrestaShop . PrestaShop is a CMS for online stores that was born in 2008. Like WordPress, this content manager for hosting websites is open source, so it is easily customizable if you have programming knowledge. Next, we analyze the main advantages and disadvantages of PrestaShop : . Advantages of PrestaShop . That is a free website management platform. It has a large number of billing system resources.

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