Your Experience With App Store Optimization

This can happen when there is a natural flow of keyword placement, relevant keyword rich description and higher possibility of having maximum user queries met through minimum searches, leading to higher user satisfaction.

So now that you’ve seen the different parts that make up ASO you might want to jump into it immediately. But if you wish to make it successful, invest time in finding the right markets, understanding the right app store to have it on, and use different tools to automate your work, as seen in this article.

This may not be a one-time effort – take some time to figure out via multiple iterations what exactly users love about your app and how it can be sustained over a longer period.

But By Keeping Track Of Relevant

changes in app store algorithm, and meeting the app store checklist criteria you will be able to drive customer engagement in a meaningful manner, validating the time spent on ASO.

What has been your experience with app store optimization? Any new experiments that made your app climb up the rankings? A secret sauce that has resulted in good ratings?

Consider these factors while searching for keywords:

Monitoring ratings based on current views and last update helps you  understand if that app is still active and also actively used by users in that span of time.

Using Search Optimally – searching for single letters and following through with the words that pop up in single letter search is an indication of the high popularity of the word. This is an effective way to use search in app store.

When does an app get approv?

Traffic from tools – traffic from tools like Sensor 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers Tower tools help you better predict the estimated traffic.

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Some pointers for keyword competition match are as follows:

Exact Match – All keywords are present in the same order as in the keyword phrase.

Broad Match – Keywords are present but not in the same order. E.g. Strategy Games is Relax your mind with strategic game plan

Partial Match – Keywords are present but only partially. E.g. Strategy Games is present as Icon versus Bling – Game

No Match –Keywords are not present in the keyword phrase.

Thus, having an estimate of the keyword volume helps you know the most probable keywords that can drive traffic to your app and also help you get more downloads by effectively mapping your app to user intents and needs.

The primary goal of apps should be to be as relevant to the user query, along the lines of Google Play Store – which is trying to minimize the search time for the user and give them exact requirements that meet their search needs.

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