You must know how to make GIFs

Gifs are a visually spectacular answer to a double question how do I get this image to move, and how do I get people passively browsing and scrolling to see it without pressing play animated gifs can be videos, graphics, text, or even photos with subtle or bold motion, and can play automatically. They play continuously or loop until your audience exits the page or scrolls past. They are a great way to grab the eye and make information and ideas more visually appealing. The best part you no longer need two or three tools to make them you can use meitus gif editor tool to design a gif, combine it and export it all in one place. Well show you how to do it so you can see how easy it is, and well get you excited about all the ways you can use them.

 How to make a photo into a GIF

How you have a new product jewelry retouch service announcement or an epic promotion to hype on social media, you dont need to own a full video equipment to create an eyecatching gif. Just some action happening on that product shot. In this 2in1 design, we used a slidein animation for the photo on the left and a dropin animation on the same photo on the right. Second, the steps to create an image to gif 1. Start with a blank canvas or any design template with photos from a larger design. 2. Add a photo from our massive photo library or replace any photo in the template with a photo of your choice. 3. Select the photo you want to move. 4. In the image tools menu, click the animation button and choose from 11 actions. 5. Each effect has a unique variation test them and choose your favorite.

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Steps to create GIF from text

Press the play button in the bottom toolbar to see DV Leads the animation play. 7. If you like the existing content, click download in the top toolbar and select animated gif image. After clicking download, you can close it the x in the upper right corner and do. Other things if you dont want to wait in just a few moments. When done, meitu will send you an email with a link to the file. Extra credit for a smooth, layered look, the photo subject on the right was extracted. From the background using background remover, then an outline effect was. Added to the layer and offset using the distance slider. Knockout removes the photo theme so the outline layer can be animated separately from a duplicate version of the same background removed photo theme.

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