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Of course, if you’re going to cite a problem, you also nee to introduce a solution. In this case, the headline of the ad encourages people to “Regain your ability to do deep work” with a call to action to learn more about the product. 10 Tips for Facebook Ad Creative 8. Mention an Offer If you’re promoting a discount or something for free, mention that directly in your ad image to really get people’s attention. Be as specific as possible about what people will get. The word “free” always stands out.

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For instance, the ad below for a barbershop offers a free haircut experience for new customers. The word “FREE” is in re and a large font to get people to stop and scroll. As an aside, the image jives well with the concept of an “MVP haircut experience,” showing the process of being lathd up with a wet towel. 10 Tips for Facebook Ad Creative This next example promotes 2 free months of a magazine app subscription, with an addd CTA to “Try Now” right in the image. The image also incorporates specific examples of magazines readers will get access to, which may help get the attention of people who particularly enjoy Forbes, Time, or other publications picture. 10 Tips for Israel Mobile Number List Facebook Ad Creative If you’re offering a specific dollar amount or percentage off your products, cite that in your images.

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Coupon grabbers will immeiately tune in to a chance to save, and an offer may encourage people to try a product they’ll then like and continue to purchase in the future, as with the ice cream ad below. 10 Tips for Facebook Ad Creative 9. Include Specific Stats If you have studies or surveys showing statistics that reflect positively on your brand’s success, include those in graphics. For instance, Betterment’s ad cites that people can “earn an estimate 38% more money” with them vs.

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