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Also in the field of text analysis, AI is an increasing trend in market research, especially in analyzing consumer answers to open questions. More and more sophisticated AI solutions are becoming available for this, such as Word2Vec and topic modeling. However, this specialism still requires human brainpower. For example, algorithms do not see the context of words or word combinations. Algorithms still have to be combined with human insight in that part. Word usage is domain and customer specific.

Do you want to

If you ‘just do something with marketing’, there is a good chance that it will become a cost item, instead of a ‘business driver’. In this article I will go deeper into how you can guarantee marketing accountability at board level.


Earlier I wrote an article with d the first lesson was about guaranteeing marketing accountability at board level.

What is that, accountability?

Since it is an English word, it might be good to explain the term ‘ ‘. The literal translation of accountability is accountability, responsibility and accountability in one. Accountability perhaps covers the load the VP Software Email Lists most. But since that word is hardly used in the Dutch language, I think the term accountability in this context best describes the load.

VP of Software Email Lists

The literal translation of accountability is accountability, responsibility and accountability in one.

Because if you are ‘accountable’ for something very concrete, then it is crystal clear to everyone what you do and where the focus should be. In theory this is a good idea, but in practice it doesn’t always work that way. Especially when it comes to marketing, SMEs are often looking for where accountability belongs.

The answer is actually quite simple: marketing accountability should always be guaranteed at board level.


Guaranteeing marketing accountability at board level

If there is no active buy-in and involvement within the board or management team, that is a recipe for failed marketing. To give you some guidance, I’ll give you a 5-step plan to safeguard marketing accountability at board level. Let’s dive right in:

1. Understand the world of management

Understand first, then understand words. That wisdom certainly applies to a marketer who wants to make an impact in an organization where marketing is still a neglected child.

It is therefore a good idea to first have an exploratory conversation with the management. In this conversation you can ask questions such as:

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