What was your first contact with Digital Marketing?

My first degree was Publicity and Propaganda and in it I was able to have a brief contact with media channels. A while later I started my work in a communication vehicle, which brought me even closer to Digital Marketing. With the evolution of the means of communication and the need to create multichannel campaigns, the job market in the area of ​​Marketing and Communication has increasingly demanded specialization in this area. Currently I work with buy telephone numbers for marketing that involve media on channels, TV, Radio and Digital, so there came a certain moment when my routine really demanded improvement to deliver more complete results.

Why did you choose Harve?

Many courses offered are short-term, or have few modules. So I chose Harve for its authority, methodology and better class schedule compared to others on the market. Another very important factor was the indication of a former student, giving even more security for the choice. Digital marketing is more flexible and opens up possibilities that traditional media are still unable to open. And digital training played a key role in enabling me to broaden this view and understand how tools and metrics can help compose better results within a strategic campaign.

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What are your expectations with the digital marketing market going forward?

Undoubtedly, 2020 was the year of growth in the digital environment, resulting in an intensified behavior in the purchase of media in this environment. A competitive market like the current one makes companies increasingly need tools that help in the difficult task of staying profitable and, within the Marketing strategy, digital tools are essential to enhance success. We can already observe the great advance in technology, formats and advertising investment in the online environment. If previously the traditional DV Leads were seen as the most important within an advertising campaign, today they no longer work in this way.

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