Who is an SEO optimizer and what does he do?

Today, in order to successfully promote a product or brand, you need to know the queries that potential buyers most often use. If the promoted resource matches the keywords, it is more likely to improve its position in the search results and get more clicks. Accordingly, in order to increase profits, the site owner must learn to attract the attention of search robots and users. To do this, you need to know the rules and conventions of crawlers (special search programs) Google and Yandex. Often they cyprus phone number each other, which causes certain difficulties in promotion. This is where an SEO specialist comes in.

What Does SEO Do?

Job responsibilities of an SEO specialist depend on the features and scale of the project. In large projects, some functions are distributed among several professionals, in small projects, most tasks are performed by one master. First of all, the SEO should be able to promote sites in search engines by groups of queries. His duties may also include: Internal and external site audit. An SEO specialist monitors the position of a resource in the search results and analyzes the situation in order to understand why it is there and how to communicate it intelligibly to the client. Analysis of competitive sites. A huge number of resources are involved in ranking. Being in such an environment, you need to be able to analyze the actions of competitors and surpass them.

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Responsibilities and Key Skills

To understand what skills a SEO specialist should have, it is enough to study vacancies on sites like HeadHunter. First of all, you need to understand the principles of operation of search algorithms and roughly imagine how they will develop in the future. In addition, the future SEO specialist will need: Experience in creating effective strategies and successful promotion. This will prove that he knows how to bring resources to high positions in search queries in a highly competitive environment. Knowledge of the basics of Internet DV Leads. The SEO is not a marketer. However, he must know how advertising on the Internet works and how to work with it to achieve his goals. Ability to work with the usability of the site. The specialist must make the site being promoted interesting for the visitor so that he does not try to close the tab faster.

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