Who is a motion designer and what does he do?

The main goal of promoting an online store, website. Blog or information resource is to keep the visitor on the page. To do this, the owner of the site needs to improve usability. Make it attractive and intuitive for the user. The motion designer. The person on the team who brings static images to life and creates animated graphics, is the best at this task. Due to this, it is possible to keep the attention of the visitor and quickly convey commercial information to him. In the article, you will learn about the main dutch phone number of a motion design specialist, the pros and cons of the profession, where to study and how much you can earn.

Features of the profession

If 10-20 years ago a statistical image was able to attract the attention of users. Now it works as a background. Only videos and animations that convey the essence of advertising to the viewer can be truly interested. Therefore, Motion designers are engaged in its creation. After that, They set pictures and photographs in motion, “enliven” fonts and logos, spin advertising plots. Creating simple animations is a basic skill for a graphic artist. At an advanced level, he is already engaged in: morphing – a smooth flow of one object into another; liquid motion – animation design with splashes and drops imitating liquid. After that, stop motion – a sharp movement of objects in the frame, etc.

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Responsibilities of a motion designer

Graphic designers are in demand in advertising and SMM, film and TV, game industry and education. After that, Depending on the specifics and scale of the project, they: determine the target audience for which the project is created; draw up technical specifications; choose the form in which the project will be visualized; choose methods and technologies for its implementation; create a creative scenario. Other words, Create animated graphics; work with image layers; analyze their work and the work of the team. In addition, Learn new tools and software. In other words, The goal of a motion specialist is to use DV Leads design and animation in order to convey the essence of the project to site visitors in an interesting and understandable way. This he is helped by directors, programmers, photographers and copywriters.

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