Which email chains need to be set up first

Working with an existing customer base in email marketing can increase the level. Of repeat purchases in a company, remind you of abandoned carts and added products to favorites. Yana Lynova , a practicing specialist and email marketing specialist at MyAcademy, spoke about the beginnings of work with mailing list marketing at her webinar. If you don’t have time to watch the video, below we have prepared a summary of the webinar. Content What is Email Marketing and Do You Need It? Welcome chain for B2B and B2C Trigger get a free spain phone number. Abandoned cart, activation, reactivation Service and transaction letters Resuscitation and cleaning of the base – as a way not to overpay for the mailing platform Related Articles

What is Email Marketing and Do You Need It?

Email marketing is one of the channels of communication between a brand and a potential or current client to build long-term trusting relationships and increase sales. Email marketing should start with goal setting, for example: Strengthen loyalty and build brand adherents. Increase sales and targeted traffic to the site, getting quality leads. Business tasks and goals in each company are DV Leads. For example, if this is a blog, then the goal is to strengthen loyalty and increase traffic to the site; if it is an online store, it is to build expertise, increase loyalty and sales. What tasks does email marketing solve? Turning site visitors who left their contact into customers; Motivate existing customers to repeat purchases.

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You DO NOT need email marketing if

A welcome chain is an automated series of welcome emails that introduces a subscriber to a company, product, or service. A welcome chain is needed for both B2C and B2B. The main difference will be only in the number of letters and the duration of the chain itself. Goals : Build trust in the company. Get to know the product. Insulate a lead – if a cold lead has arrived, then with the help of a velcom chain it can be insulated and brought to the client. Get profit. What the welcome chain looks like Example In My Academy, initially there was one welcome chain for everyone, that is, leads were not segmented at the entrance. When we collected data and made visual analytics, we were able to rewrite the strategy in a new direction. Now we have 2 main welcome chains and they already work on a slightly different principle.

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