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Furthermore, the paid events offer an interesting option Paraguay WhatsApp Number List for small companies that want to start with online products and lack the necessary software for this. Certainly an interesting development to keep an eye on. What opportunities or possibilities do you see with these new features? And will you use them? It started with the Austrian privacy Paraguay WhatsApp Number List watchdog DSB. Which concluded in mid-January that Google Analytics violates the GDPR/AVG.

This means that Google Analytics

May no longer Paraguay WhatsApp Number List be used by organizations that process data from EU citizens. Shortly afterwards, the Belgian Data Protection Authority concluded that IAB Europe’s widely used Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF) for requesting cookie consents violates the GDPR. IAB Europe must pay a fine of €250,000 and a plan must be draw up within two months to bring the system.

Paraguay WhatsApp Number List

Therefore not comply

By far the best option is to move to an EU-based analytics platform that protects user data. Provides secure hosting, ideally in an EU data center. This offers the best guarantee that data is collect, stor and processe according to the guidelines of the GDPR. Fortunately, there are several alternatives, both paid and free, that meet these requirements

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