What you need to know about the desires of users: understand the theory of Jobs To Be Done

Analysis of the Jobs-To-Be-Done (JTBD) audience description method from Nadezhda Ostapenko. Teacher of our school, strategic planner at Media Instinct Group . Each product and service does its job: you can hire a camera, a dress, or even dance lessons! We tell all about the concept of JTBD. The name of the Jobs to be Done method is translated as “work to be done”. This is a theory of research on the behavior of the target audience. Which helps to understand how and why people make a purchase decision. Moreover, The concept helps to create only those products that the user needs and meets his get a ghana phone number.

How can a product do a job?

The idea of ​​this theory is that people do not buy products. But hire them to perform certain tasks, covering their needs. For example. I buy a camera not to take pictures. But to end up with a beautiful shot while traveling. Which I can post on Instagram and share my impressions. In the concept of Jobs To Be Done, it is important to understand why and under. What circumstances the client buys the product, what he wants to use it for. And not who he is. Therefore, instead of the method of persons. After that,  which is familiar when creating a product. Jobs to be Done usually use Job Story (work history). The method helps to describe situations in which people are motivated. To purchase a product. Product valuein what it does for the user, not in what the product is.

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Interpretations of Jobs to be Done

However, The theory of Jobs To Be Done has two interpretations, and they have different views on the definition of “jobs”. Let’s take a closer look at each of them. 3.png 1. Jobs-As-Activities (work as a process) – a person “hires” a product for work, where the process of completing the task is important to DV Leads. An example of why Airpods look the way they do is to make them comfortable to run with. However, The developer, creating these headphones, thought about what tasks the user would solve and how it would be more pleasant for him to interact with the product. Jobs-As-Progress (work as progress) – a person “hires” a product to work in order to become a better version of himself. After that, The approach helps to understand why people change familiar and convenient things for something new, why they stop using one product and switch to another.

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