What Would Happen if You Stopped Doing Seo New Zealand Phone Number

Term investment. If you have spent years dedicating a lot of time and resources to it, you may think it is a good idea to New Zealand Phone Number take a break and perhaps allocate those resources to other types of digital marketing campaigns . And today I want to explain to you why that is a terrible idea. Do you want to improve your seo positioning and also your inbound marketing strategy ? Click here and download our free ebookwhat happens if I stop posting new content? If you stop publishing optimized content on your site, you are in danger of falling into this vicious circle :you stop creating content for new search terms, so you appear in fewer searches and therefore attract less traffic.

Since You Are No Longer Creating New Zealand Phone Number

Since you are no longer creating pages to link to, the number of incoming links decreases. By having fewer new visitors, you New Zealand Phone Number are also capturing fewer users for your remarketing audiences and your database. You no longer have material to be able to create “Central pages”, which group different links around the same topic and which usually position themselves very well. Therefore, your positioning suffers even more. You are no longer generating content that can be shared on social networks, so you generate less traffic from them. By not seeing new content, users stop returning to your page and brand searches are reduced. In short, according to

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Search Engine Land  if You Stop New Zealand Phone Number

Search engine land  if you stop creating and publishing content, google will assume that your website is not active and its New Zealand Phone Number position will begin to decline, creating an inertia that is very difficult to reverse. What happens if I stop controlling the technical aspects? Seo is not only based on content creation , but also has a strong technical component. And unfortunately, this technical aspect comes with associated maintenance . If you don’t, you face potential issues like:block your site with the robots.Txt file and make it inaccessible to google crawlers. Generate duplicate content, with the consequent positioning penalties. Accidentally indexing


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