What type of content can you post to nurture your prospects?

There are sourcing database platforms such as HARO where bloggers or journalists can connect with relevant expert sources. After signing up and following the platform’s guidelines, you can submit a query about the topic you want to write about.

After that, the answers you receive from different specialists or influencers, you can collect them and publish them on your blog.

The  benefit of this type of article is that you build trust among your website visitors. People believe specialists because they are authorities in their field.

Source: DevriX

 How to grow e-commerce sales according to experts?

As people often need visualization to South Korea Mobile Number get a clear idea about a certain topic, an infographic can illustrate this perfectly. You can create a blog post using infographics, which you can also use on social media.

Research shows that people who can follow directions with text and pictures do 323% better than people who follow directions without pictures.


Data from the Content Marketing Institute shows that the use of infographics by B2B marketers has steadily increased over the past four years, and it is now at 65%.

Infographics work, so be sure to include them in your strategy.

Check out this sample blog post infographic comparing a WordPress multisite to a single site and multiple websites [Infographic].

Tutorials and guide

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Tutorials, guides, or “how-to” articles attract prospects because they provide helpful and educational content.


Check out this example from our blog explaining WordPress CSS to beginners.

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According to research from HubSpot, lists are the most popular blog posting format among business blogs. You can collect statistics, industry data, a list of influencers in your field, and useful apps and see if they are generating interest.


According to statistics published by Forbes, 87% of online marketers currently use video content in their digital marketing strategies.

Another important statistic from the same study shows that 90% of customers say video helps them make purchasing decisions, and 64% of customers confirm that seeing a video makes them more likely to buy. As we mentioned earlier, people like information presented visually. The videos are really interesting and will educate your guests.

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