What to say to clients so that they turn out well in the photo and at the same time show the work beautifully?

This question is almost impossible to answer in such a live format :). The most important thing that can be Recommended is to be self-confident, to make a person feel beautiful. If a person feels cool, beautiful and attractive. his eyes change, he glows and looks happy. The most important life hack is to photograph not only your work. But also the person in your work. If you, as a master, want to show how cool your shading is or how naturally you drew an eyebrow. You should know that this is only interesting for other masters. They will understand and share your skill. If you are selling services and the target audience is ordinary get a saudi phone number. Then you need to pay attention to what is important for them.

How to develop mindfulness?

Observation is your visual experience. The ability to see elements in various things that will be deposited in your head and pop up at the right moment. Through observation, a library of ideal samples is formed in your head. With which you can compare all other pictures and create your own personal style. Sooner or later, we begin to acquire our own style, but for this we must first understand the styles that exist. To make a beautiful picture yourself, you need to look at 100 pictures before. The more visibility, the better for you, your blog, promotion, and your customers. Watching can be gained by following Instagram, unfollow relatives and subscribe to inspiring profiles ) Sign up for Pinterest – it’s a free resource with billions of pictures on various topics.

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What do the masters do in the off-season?

Clients come to you regardless of the season. Another question is how you sell in your profile. You create a demand for your services: if you do not write, why go to you in the off-season, then the client will not think about it either. It is important to talk, tell why do depilation services in winter, before holidays and vacations, in spring – in this way you create demand. DV Leads people like an expert that they really need it. Write content correctly, post. Do not post frightening photos of body parts before the procedure, take pity on the psyche of your clients ) Post aesthetic photos where the skin is smooth retouched, where there are no terrible “before and after”.

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