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Effective year after year. But for it to continue to deliver results, strategies have to evolve and adapt to consumer habits. And Iran Phone Number for this, the first step is to understand how users use email and what they think of the techniques that marketers use to communicate with them. So let’s see 10 data from the dma study: consumer email tracker 2020 (produced by the data & marketing association in collaboration with pure360) to know how to update our email marketing in 2020. Do you want to improve your email marketing campaigns ? Click here and get the 1-hour course for free to optimize your emailings and results. What perception and use of email do users have today?

10 Facts About the Use and Iran Phone Number

10 facts about the use and perception of email in 2020users prefer email as a communication channel when Iran Phone Number receiving promotions (59%) and notifications about their orders (58%). However, they prefer to receive face-to-face advice, information or tutorials and appointment reminders by sms. Email is the favorite communication channel both before the purchase (45%) and for after-sales service (54%) and customer service (40%). 65% of users say that the content they prefer to receive is discounts and offers . Therefore, we see the importance of providing immediate value to consumers through email marketing. 20% of users have multiple email

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Accounts to Receive Marketing Iran Phone Number

Accounts to receive marketing and personal messages. 12% have an account to receive both personal emails and Iran Phone Number emails from brands they trust, and 11% completely separate marketing and personal communications. According to their own estimates, users receive about 55 emails a week . This number is declining, since in 2017 there were 73. The most frequent reasons for signing up for a mailing list are to receive discounts and offers (48%) and to be a regular customer of the brand (43%). Instead, the three most frequent reasons for unsubscribing are receiving too many emails (57%), not recognizing the brand or not remembering signing up (39%) and that the information or brand is no longer relevant to them ( 39%). The concern of consumers regarding the handling of their personal data has decreased


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