What Kind Of A Receptionist Slovenia Phone Number Are You?

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The Angry Slovenia Phone Number Receptionist

The angry receptionist is not a people person in the workplace. If you think about it, we never really know what we’re walking into. I’m sure you’ve ran into a scenario where you could not believe how great/how terrible someone was towards you Slovenia Phone Number or a particular situation. You instantly thought of how if you were in their shoes, you would have handled the Slovenia Phone Number situation much differently. Yes, I’ve been there too. My 3 years as a receptionist gave me a bit of an idea of “what type” of receptionist I am. As for you, here are a couple of different personality types, so you can channel your inner receptionist.  They get a bit carried away with their job role. They become a jack of all trades but a master in none. If you love to multi-task, rearrange everything at the desk a million times, have a bit of OCD, this might be you.

The Upbeat Slovenia Phone Number Receptionist

If you like to treat others the way you like to be treated, this might be your category. The Upbeat receptionist greets every person with a warm, inviting smile and sees their job as more than “just a receptionist.” These kind of receptionists try to find different ways to make a client feel not only welcomed but helped as well. Even Slovenia Phone Number someone working for a call answering service can be just as upbeat! If you like smiling from ear to ear and usually feel chipper, this might be you.

The Shy Slovenia Phone Number Receptionist


Ever have to lean over the front desk or counter to speak to an employee? Sometimes their voices are too low and they’re too soft spoken that you cannot make out what they are saying. Your Slovenia Phone Number asks them to repeat themselves a couple of times, and the entire experience gets a bit uncomfortable. If you are shy and do not do well with new people, being a virtual receptionist – or in person – is probably not the best option. Everyone has a little bit of perfectionism in them… others just take it overboard. While striving to be perfect, to be the best, to provide the best customer service experienc

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