What is Your Paid Advertising Senegal Phone Number Strategy on Social Media? 

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Objective Senegal Phone Number

The first piece that needs to be established is the objective of the ad. Of course, you will want to make sure the ad is in line with your goals. You can choose from an array of objectives — from post engagement, traffic, video views, to event responses, website conversions, and app installs. Take a quick look into the ads manager platform at the objective options you are Senegal Phone Number able to use. From there, you can build out your campaign. Lastly, you have Lookalike Audiences, which will Senegal Phone Number mirror audiences who you want to target. For example, you might want to build an audience that looks just like the people who currently visit your site. Facebook has some amazing targeting tools.

Targeting Senegal Phone Number

When I am looking under the hood of someone’s current social media presence, one of the first places I go is to their website. Do they have the Facebook Pixel installed? If not, I explain its importance and if they do, I ask how they are using it. The Facebook Pixel is a piece of code that lives on the back end of a website Senegal Phone Number that allows for measuring, optimizing, and building audiences for your ad campaigns. Get the pixel installed, it is crucial. Aside from using the Pixel for retargeting, one can do an abundance of other options. Demo and geo-targeting, behaviors and interest-based targeting are some of the basics known as Core Audiences. Custom Audiences allow for getting in touch with people you already know through an email list or site visitors. 

Creative Senegal Phone Number

Then, you get into placements and building Senegal Phone Number out the format of the ad. Creative matters. Your copy matters. Depending on the objective you have chosen, you will want to optimize for that. A/B test! I cannot stress that enough. Are you testing up to six images? You can even do A/B testing on targeting and copy, in addition to creative. Be sure when testing the creative, you’re doing the Facebook rule of 20% text or less. Try to avoid stock photography that doesn’t look authentic. More than ever, with the changes that happened in 2018 for Facebook, both the new algorithm and Facebook users gravitate towards real content. We still want to take into consideration the power of organic when it comes to authenticity.

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