What is UX (User Experience)?

In our day to day, we interact within interfaces with attractive and functional australia mobile number. Whether checking our email or visiting a web page, we find an attractive design that feels familiar and intuitive. Which translates into a positive digital experience by being able to function without problems in the interface. The experiences that we have as users within the interface is a concern of UX design. This article will address what it is about, the importance of research, its areas, and the close relationship with UI design.

What is UX?

To understand the user experience, we must necessarily mention the UI or User Interface design. The user interface is the graphic design of the application. That is, the UI design is interested in colors, buttons, images, typography. Animations and everything that makes the product visually attractive. On the other hand, the user experience ensures that this design is manageable for users. This means that the user experience is aware of the user’s needs. When interacting with an application so that their experience is satisfactory. User Experience, you should focus your attention on the user experience. It will be in charge of analyzing if the interaction is intuitive and fluid. You should also pay attention to how effective the application is at accomplishing its intended tasks. And how easy it is to interact with the elements of its design.

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The importance of research for the user experience

It is important that User Experience takes into account all the past DV leads of users when interacting with an interface. Most of us as users are used to using the interface in a certain way. For example, we have certain habits that are present in our daily interaction: Double-click to open a file or click to select an item. The user experience must take these interactions into account for future designs, since the expectations of the users are fundamental when interacting with the interfaces. UX design has to be interested and familiar with the experiences and expectations of users. If user behavior is ignored and a design is created that is far from their expectations, people may not understand how to use it.

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