What is targeted advertising and how it works

It often happens that as soon as you discuss some important topic or product with your friends, you are already caught up with advertising on the same topic in social networks. Discussed a cool jacket? So, it is already advertised in your feed and Stories. This does not mean that the phone is tapped, it’s just how targeting works. This is a modern advertising tool that helps buyers and sellers find each other denmark phone numbers. Below you will learn what targeting is and how to master the profession of a targetologist.

What is targeted advertising and where is it used

To understand what targeted advertising is, you need to understand how social networks work. When registering, the user voluntarily indicates personal data (gender, age, marital status, country of residence, etc.). After that, he starts looking for interest groups, adding music, videos, reposting to the page. The social network takes into account all this information and then uses it in targeting. The technology of targeted advertising is based on the receipt and processing of information about users of social networks. She works with a vast array of data, and then divides people into categories. The result is an ad that takes into account the user’s input and interests. If the user is motivated, he performs a target action – subscribes, registers or goes to the store to purchase.

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Who is not suitable for targeting

Targeting is not a universal tool, so you need to use it based on the specifics and needs of your business. First of all, it is not suitable for companies whose products are prohibited from actively promoting on social networks, for example, tobacco products and alcohol. This also includes the services of psychics and pornographic sites. When using targeting, you need to be prepared for the fact that you can get penalties for violating the rules of the advertising platform or the law. Places like Instagram often block ads from doctors or massage therapists for using images of scantily clad bodies.

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