What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

Every time you search for information on Google, the search arabian phone number will offer you a list of results placed according to the algorithm’s criteria. If you want your website to appear in Google results, you must know how search engine positioning works. To get the positioning in the search engines you can apply SEO techniques. There are different SEO techniques to optimize a web page. If you decide to optimize your website, it will be easily indexable for search engines and you will achieve good search engine rankings.

Google main phases

The search engine works automatically and has three main phases. First , it uses crawlers to find the web pages and save the URLs in a big list. Then , it applies indexing, which consists of reviewing what each of the crawled pages is about. In this phase, the Google search engine analyzes the content of the page: its images, texts, files, videos, animations, etc. The information is stored in an extensive database. Finally , there is the return of search results, which happens when the user performs a search on Google. The results will depend on different factors, be it the location, the language, or the past searches that the user has made.

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Informational Search

In this type of search, the user will search for information on different web DV Leads. The search for information will be through news, articles or virtual stores. In this case, the user does not know exactly where he is going since he has not chosen a specific web page to buy, clear his doubts or meet his needs. local search The user performs a search within their region to locate a physical store or establishment. Searches include schools, offices, restaurants, movie theaters, stores, or malls. The first positions that appear will be the ones with the most clicks and visitors. As you can see, search intentions can vary and search engines are on a mission to return the best results based on a set of rules.

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