What is NLP or neuro-linguistic programming?

There is a way to achieve certain goals in life through a pseudo-scientific afghan phone book. In this article we tell you what NLP is, that is, neuro-linguistic programming, its origin and its benefits. For a long time it was thought that the human being used only 10% of the capacity of his brain. The rest was a territory in constant exploration. It was believed, too, that when he could use it fully he would be some kind of superhero. This myth was wrongly attributed to Albert Einstein. The origin is believed to be a misunderstanding of neurological research conducted in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, which showed that 10% of neurons only fire at certain times.

NLP: what is neuro-linguistic programming

When you communicate with someone or carry out actions, different neural circuits are activated that usually follow the same path. Neurolinguistics is considered as the language of the unconscious because they are connections that occur “automatically” . Neurolinguistic programming is a set of techniques and models that study human behavior and communication to make them more efficient. The celebrated and famous coach Tony Robbins, who gives seminars and conferences all over the world, considers neuro-linguistic programming as “the nuclear physics of the mind” or a technique that allows breaking down behaviors in order to change them. The goal is to modify the connections your brain makes so you can think and act more effectively .

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What is the origin of NLP?

This discipline was born in the 1970s, in DV Leads, United States, by a linguist, John Grinder, and a mathematician and Gestalt therapist, Richard Bandler, together with a group of students. They all tried to understand and model human communication . It was the time of the Vietnam War. TYhere was a climate of social upheaval and it was necessary to be able to communicate efficiently. Since neurolinguistics understands that human experience is subjective, these techniques can be applied in different areas such as education, medicine, psychology, economics, marketing and sales. Grinder and Bandler studied advances in modern behavioral therapy to develop NLP.

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