What is it and how to create the corporate identity of your company?

When you create your own business . It is essential that you are clear about what the corporate identity of a company is and how to define it.

It’s probably not the first time you’ve heard Czech Republic Cell Phone Numbers or read this term in an entrepreneur or marketing blog. But believe me it’s vital for your brand strategy.

So. I’m not wasting your time anymore. Shall we start?

*article with updated content in 2021

what is the corporate identity of a company?

The corporate identity of a company is the set of characteristics. Values and beliefs that identify a company or personal brand and make it different from the rest.

This encompasses its history. Its work philosophy. Its standards. Its colors. Its logo. Its brochures. Its communication format… In other words. All the elements that identify a company. Or what is the same: its reason for being.

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We say that the concept of corporate identity of a company is the set of elements that characterize a company. Which makes it unique. That is. Your dna and your personality.

The same happens with people. Imagine that you work in a school and you have two 4-year-old girls in your class.  Both with blue eyes. .. But you are able to tell them apart. Right? Even though they are twins. Each one has a personality.

As you can imagine

The construction of our corporate identity as a company is still a cover letter. Therefore. Taking the right path and following a specific strategy is essential for your business to be perceived by your target audience in the way you want.

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