What is Clubhouse: how to work with the site and get an invite

What are millennial radio jokes? Why did the audio messaging platform literally blow up the news feed in February? Companies are actively registering and creating themed rooms for communication. We tell you how to get to the Clubhouse and what to do there. What is Clubhouse Clubhouse is a social network where you can communicate only through real-time voice messages. The site appeared back in April 2020, but entered the trend just a few weeks ago. It was developed by Stanford University graduates and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs Paul Davidson and Roen Seth. Clubhouse is now owned by Alpha Exploration Co. The france number phone is currently only available for IOS, the Android version is still in development.

How to get into the Clubhouse and get an invite

Therefore, You can get into the social network at the invitation of one of the members of the clubhouse. Each user after registration receives several invites. The invitation is sent to the selected contact in SMS format. The only condition is that you must be in his contact list on your phone. 3. Next, you need to download and install the application through the App Store, the service will automatically let you in. Therefore,If it is not possible to receive an invitation through friends, then this can be done in the Russian-language channel Telegram Clubhouse invites RU. After registering, you will be able to proceed to registration for an account. How to create an account in Clubhouse. The social network interface resembles an Instagram profile header. Above all, where you need to add an avatar and a description of your activity.

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How to create an account in Clubhouse

However, Photo – choose from the gallery on your phone or take a new one in the application itself. It is better to put a personal photo on the screensaver, in good quality, contrasting or on a bright background. Description – add text about yourself up to 125 characters. How can you be useful to the audience? However, The description in the Clubhouse acts as the name and caption on Instagram. Links – clickable links only to Telegram and Instagram, other sites can be added through the text in the description. Fill out your profile to make it easier for your friends and clients to find you. However, To create your own room , click the “+ Start a room” DV Leads and invite participants to it. However, Prepare a list of topics for discussion in advance so that you follow the timing and do not bore the audience.

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