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Management at linkedin , announced in an article that the team at the social network has been testing this new Pakistan Phone Number feature internally for some time.in the first place,Linkedin stories will be similar to their equivalents in other social networks: they will be vertical, they will occupy the entire screen of the device, and they will be ephemeral (instagram stories are public for 24 hours, we suspect that linkedin stories will work in a similar way). Some of the uses proposed by pete davis for these new linkedin stories are:show key moments of work events or meetings sharing tricks that make our lives easier in the work environment more direct messages and immersive contactsit

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Is important to note that at the moment it seems that linkedin stories will only be available to individual users, but it is Pakistan Phone Number foreseeable that if they are successful, they will later be offered as advertising solutions within linkedin ads or as organic stories for pages and businesses. With this news, linkedin once again positions video as one of the most attractive content to publish on the platform. Like igtv , linkedin stories offers many possibilities for companies and individuals. Here is a list of ideas

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