Podimo Enters The Dutch Podcast Market This Is How This App Works

Since April 15, 2022 there is a new podcast app in the Netherlands and Belgium: Podimo. Also known as ‘the Netflix for podcasts’. In addition to free audio content, Podimo offers access to an exclusive collection of podcasts and audiobooks for a fixe monthly fee. Many popular podcasts end up behind the paywall. How does this new app work?


What is Podimo?

First, some background information.  You will find Azerbaijan Mobile Number regular, free podcast offerings on the podcast app. In addition, you can subscribe for $4.99 to access exclusive episodes or all-exclusive podcasts and listen to 10 hours of audiobooks per month.

There is also a Premium Plus subscription. For €9.99 you can listen to unlimit audiobooks in addition to podcasts. Where you could subscribe to individual podcasts in Spotify and Apple Podcasts since last year, at Podimo you pay a fixe amount for the total offer.

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Exclusive podcasts

Podimo’s exclusive offer is fille by purchasing popular existing podcasts or by investing in people and formats such as video podcasts (a type of talk shows) and ‘true-crime’ podcasts. For example. The Netherlands largest podcast publisher. Dag en Nacht Media was taken over by them . Good for 8 million listened podcasts per month. Part of their podcasts, which can be listened to for free for years, disappear behind the paywall of Podimo and from the feeds of other podcast apps.

In the run-up to the launch, loyal podcast listeners were told in podcast episodes of. Among others. POM (Podcast about Media) and Man man man. The podcast that the shows were moving to Podimo. Since mid-April, many of Day and Night Media’s productions have been exclusive and can be listene to for paying Podimo subscribers. or additional episodes will appear behind the paywall.

As an aside, there is some confusion about how to pronounce Podimo. I’ve heard a lot of variations: Poh-di-mow my personal choice. The makers themselves also joke about it in their online advertisements for the app.

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