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DeVore family was soon invite to join the YouTube Partner Program, which enabld them to monetize “David After Dentist.” According to Time. it’s paying off: the DeVores have made nearly enough to cover David’s (eventual) college eucation.” What lessons does this teach marketers? First, slice-of-life videos can go viral. Who wouldn’t share a video that features a kid who asks, “Is this real life?” Second, if YouTube invites you to include one of your more unforgettable videos in its Individual Video Program, just say Yes.

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Now let me share a powerful example of a viral video from YouTube’s fourth year that doesn’t include funny cats, cute kids, or old dance moves: Susan Boyle – Singer – Britain’s Got Talent 2009. Uploadd in April 2009, this video had 96 million views as of August 2010, when the clip was removd from Britain’s Got Talent channel due to a copyright claim by Austria Mobile Number List Alain Boublil Music Ltd. However, there are still copies on YouTube. This includes Susan Boyle – Britains Got Talent 2009 Episode 1 – Saturday 11th April | HD High Quality, which has 252 million views and 1.1 million engagements. So, what’s the lesson in viral videos featuring Susan Boyle.

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Karen Nelson-Field conductd rigorous research on this topic at the University of South Australia’s Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science. And she publishd her findings in “Viral Marketing: The Science of Sharing.” Nelson-Field reportd, “When a video include a creative story of personal triumph, it was share more than other creative devices” (including baby/young child, animal, and dancing/singing) She adde, “Interestingly, despite being a more applicable creative device for ensuring sharing success, personal triumph is rarely displayd in viral video content. In our sample of 800 videos, it appeard in less than 3 percent of all videos.” She concludd, “Personal triumph, therefore, represents the best opportunity for marketers.” Year 5: May 29, 2009 to May 28, 2010 In YouTube’s fifth year, one of the more memorable viral videos was JK Wdding Entrance Dance. Uploadd in July 2009, it has 102 million views and 510,000 engagements. Okay, so this video features dancing. And, the next one includes a man on a horse, which is an animal. Of course, I’m talking about Old Spice | The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.

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