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Using a typical investor. Mentioning the percentage in the image copy, as well as including the upward graph, helps make the case that Betterment is a good choice for seeing investment growth. 10 Tips for Facebook Ad Creative If you conducte a survey of your target audience, you could cite a statistic about how a large subset of your prospects encounter the problem you’re trying to solve. For instance, perhaps 90% of CFOs wish they had better software in place for tracking expenses. 10. Use Carousel Ads to Tell a Story I’ve seen several brands try carousel ads, only to determine they don’t work.

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Unfortunately, a frequent approach with carousel ads is to lump together a few unrelatd points together with stock photos, which only results in a disjointe ad that won’t garner the focus you nee. Use the multiple slides in a carousel ad to tell a story, making sure the slides fit together with a common theme. This tactic could include: Walking through a setup process step-by-step. Highlighting a handful of major features. Showing problem/solution steps (or before/after images if applicable). In the example below from the Discovery+ streaming service, they’ve Italy Mobile Number List chosen to design slides each fitting the theme of “Thousands of messaging, while also highlighting different shows people can watch on the platform. 10 Tips for Facebook Ad Creative Start Creating! Hopefully, these tips inspird you to try some new creative in your Facebook campaigns.

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Take some time to think through designs and messaging to see what would best represent your brand. And remember, what tactics work well for one company on Facebook might not work for another (and vice versa. Be sure to test and see what yields the best results for you. 4 Powerful Facebook Ads Targeting Options How to Set the Budget for Your Facebook Ad Facebook ADVERTISEMENT Tim Jensen Read Full Bio VIP CONTRIBUTOR Tim Jensen With over a decade of experience in the digital marketing industry, Tim has worke with both B2B and B2C accounts How to Advertise on Facebook: A Beginner’s Guide First Name* Last Name* Email* Job Title Topic(s) of Interest* SEO PPC Content Social I want to receive the latest search news and updates from SEJ.

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