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Facebook Again, the accounts have different options for Nepal WhatsApp Number List how the ads are placed in the live videos. 3 options: pre roll images (banners) below the videos. As in the image above picture-in-picture mid-roll. A video or image that appears in the middle of the video this help to prevent ads from being perceived as disruptive. As a content creator. You have the choice whether you completely determine where and in what format the ads will be place.

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Or that you let Facebook determine all this itself  Nepal WhatsApp Number List with the automatic placement. Of course, with the algorithm, Facebook has a good idea of ​​suitable advertising material, which also connects with the users. You can use this option in live videos on Facebook and Instagram. Both in-stream advertising features are already available in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Nepal WhatsApp Number List

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Screenshot Meta Brand Collabs Manager criteria Nepal WhatsApp Number List not met Brands and other companies can also sign up to use features that allow you to earn money, and they can collaborate with creators here. In order to participate from the business side, you also have to meet criteria. For example, you must have a lot of followers (more than 1,000). Enough engagement (more than 15,000 in the last 60 days. Have enough engaging content (here they mainly look at video views).


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