Understanding Long-tail Keywords To Gain An Seo Advantage

Anyone who has ever done keyword research is familiar with the term “long tail keywords”. But at the same time, it may not be clear to everyone what they really are.

Do long-tail keywords always have low search volume? Are they always longer than 3-5 words? Do they still have low competition?

So given all this data, we can conclude that long-tail keywords get. A large chunk of searches and create a loophole that we can take advantage of. You can get your web pages ranked high with virtually no competition and get lots of conversions. Think about it what’s the point of targeting 1 popular search query that has lots of competitors fighting. For google’s top spot (and even if you succeed most searchers are just searching) when you can compete for 10 words long-tail keys instead.

As you’d expect this is quite a complex topic that

As you’d expect, this is quite a complex topic that can get quite confusing, so the short answer is both yes and no. To explain it, a longer and  Croatia Phone Number List  more elaborate answer must be given. So, join me in investigating what long tail keywords are, their role in SEO, how to use them, and what misconceptions you should overlook. The surprisingly high conversion rate of long-tail keywords becomes an even bigger finding when you combine the data from the graph above with the one below (it will blow your mind)

What are long tail keywords

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Alright, so question number one is what makes a long-tail keyword? Here are 4 distinct

This chart is important to understand because it highlights the paradox of long-tail keywords. Although their search volume is low because they are not popular search terms, their conversion rate, or the frequency with which they respond to search queries, is really high. As you can see, although the search query “playstation” is searched a lot every month, it might be an informational query,

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