Understand The Value Of Referring Domains For Seo

Despite some controversy surrounding the impact of backlinks in the post-Penguin world, most experts agree that quality backlinks make a difference. If you believe in the power of backlinks, you should spend a lot of time analyzing your own backlink profile and those of your competitors. In this blog post, we’ll look at referring domain metrics that can help you analyze backlink profiles more effectively. But before we jump into some practical advice, let’s quickly define what a referring domain is and why this metric is important.


What is a referring domain

A referring domain which is also sometimes called a linking domain. Is a website that links to another website whose backlink profile you analyze. Each referring domain can have one or more links to a website. So if each domain in your backlink profile is linked to you only once. The number of your referring domains and acquired backlinks will be equal. However, these occasions are really rare because normally when you establish a long-lasting partnership with a company, you get backlinks from their website repeatedly.

Most third-party tools that help SEO specialists analyze

Most third-party tools that help SEO  Czech Republic Phone Number List  specialists analyze backlinks use the referring domains metric, just like SE ranking. Our backlink checker extracts data on both referring domains and backlinks from a website, and in the Overview dashboard , you can find handy charts and graphs to analyze referring domains side-by-side and backlinks.


Not all backlinks are equal


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We all know that backlinks from trusted popular domains. Bring much more value than backlinks from low ranking websites with minimum traffic. But there’s another thing you need to consider when measuring backlink weight. How many backlinks a website already has from the same referring domain.

Let me use an analogy to explain. Imagine that you are looking for a freelancer to help you translate. A text into a language that you do not know.  So, you place an order and get two bids. One of the freelancers has three positive reviews. But they are all from the same source while the other bidder has four positive reviews from different people.

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