Twitter Data Reveals Consumers Priorities For Summer

Twitter reports consumers feel positive heading into summer 2021, and data from a study on tweet volume reveals what their priorities are for the season. Compared to the summer conversation last year, Twitter is seeing an 11% increase in positive sentiment.

After a year of lockdowns, it seems like brighter days are ahead. People on Twitter are expressing excitement about summer 2021 with positivity to spare. And unlike many of us last year, people are making plans again. Knowing what consumers’ plans are for the summer can help marketers meet consumers where they’re at by engaging around similar topics of interests.

For example, the data we’ll look at shortly shows exponential growth around the topic of movies, so marketers may want to think of ways to join that conversation with relevant messaging. Let’s look at the report and find out what Twitter’s data says about peoples’ priorities this season.

Twitter Trends For Summer Trending

Positivity is trending up, and negativity is trending down according to an analysis of consumer sentiment on Twitter. People are planning to enjoy their summer with a variety of activities ranging from movies to travel. Users are talking about different activities than last year. Here’s a list of the trending subtopics within the summer conversation.

  • Movies (up 243%)
  • Sports (up 79%)
  • BBQ + Grilling (up 71%)
  • Fashion + Beauty (up 54%)
  • Cocktails + Beer (up 46%)
  • Travel (up 26%)

According to a recent Twitter survey, people on Twitter Ecuador Mobile Number List want to focus on themselves this summer (+35% from last year), through activities like shopping local (+33%) and going out (+33%)2. And from the growth in summer how-to video views, they’re prepared.

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What Twitter Users Want From Brands This Summer

Twitter asked users what they want from brands this summers. Survey results show 70% of users want brands to be positive while being mindful of the cultural environment. In addition to being positive, users expect brands to share content that’s informative and useful. People are ready ad, finally, able to have fun again this summer. That means businesses and brands may want to consider adjusting their tone on social media to get on the same wavelength as their customers. Keep messaging light while staying mindful of the current situation and restrictions in your local area.

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