That All Genders Are Treated Equally

As a influencer, that is not the intention. You must Lithuania WhatsApp Number List be transparent and it must be clear why you are providing certain information or making certain recommendations. Do you have an interest in that product that could potentially influence your opinion or give you an advantage in following your recommendation? Then you must report that. Moreover, facts and opinions Lithuania WhatsApp Number List must be clearly distinguished from each other and they must be substantiated as well as possible with information from other sources or, for example, by data.

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No commission, but a fee If you give personal Lithuania WhatsApp Number List advice to clients or make investment recommendations, you may not be paid for this in the form of a commission or commission. A general fee for, for example, posting a post on Instagram is allow. This can also be link to the number of views. But especially not to the number of concrete leads or customers.

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Sometimes using or avoiding a certain word can feel like an exaggeration for one person. While the other finally feels heard. Word usage simply has the potential to influence public opinion – consciously or not. As writers, we have a great responsibility in this. And in a world in which inclusion is increasingly higher on the agenda. Iit is important that your communication department follows suit and continues to challenge the board and sales department. A great challenge, therefore, but also a great task to act as pioneers in the language.


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