How A Nigerian Lager Got The Top Spot On Google In The Us

Boulder seo marketing (bsm) a denver search engine optimization company. Has been implementing digital marketing campaigns with local. National and global goals since 2009. Specializing in affordable seo packages, they help businesses. Of all sizes and adapt their approach to each client. So they can help each business achieve their unique goals. Based in california, star beer usa imports nigerian lager and distributes it to bars. Restaurants and liquor stores in california and texas. Competing with brands that generate billions of dollars in revenue each year. They needed to appear on the first page of search. Results to attract at least some of the traffic looking for foreign beer.

1. Edit the Wikipedia page

After discussing these goals, BSM devised Kuwait Phone Number List  an action plan that would not only land them a spot on the first page, but would actually guarantee them the very first result, the most coveted position on the SERP. As with most BSM campaigns, the SEO agency took a multi-pronged approach to increasing client visibility. Once Star Beer USA started appearing higher on the SERP, achieving their more specific goals was essentially inevitable.


2. Create content

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Next, BSM worked closely with May Odiakosa, the company’s founder, to produce high-quality content for their blog. Not only did their posts make the website more credible for search engines, but they also brought value to potential and existing customers.

3. Deploy a digital PR strategy

Stage three focused on highlighting the uniqueness of Star Beer USA, including the lager itself, the company’s proud Nigerian founder, and their charitable contributions. BSM deployed a comprehensive digital PR strategy and issued several search engine optimized press releases to get the message across.

Businesses active on social media get more engagement, which translates to more web traffic and, therefore, more credibility. Just because you hit the top spot on a Google SERP doesn’t mean you’re going to stay there. Ranking consistently high so that potential customers can always find you is an ongoing process that requires diligence.

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