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Call or contact). An average user does not wait more than 4 seconds for a web page to load completely. So if your site is slow and poor. The result of losing customers will be resounding! If you detect that the reason for this slowness is due to a problem with the hosting or the hosting of the server . Our bee web hosting partners can help you with a solution that is according to the needs of your website.

7- user friendly not user friendly user experience is one of the key aspects for your website to be successful and achieve high conversion rates. If a prospect comes to your website and doesn’t know what to do or where to find the information he’s looking for . He’ll leave never to return! No matter how much you say that all the necessary information is on your page.

It Is Better

If the structure is not adequate and there are no visual aids so that visitors know what they have to do. The conversion will be very low . In addition to Jamaica phone number this point. You also have to think about the user interface. How? It is about. Nothing more and nothing less. Than trying small variations in the web interface: for example. Making the buttons bigger. Changing certain images. Modifying the font. Inverting the colors. Applying adjustments to the background or presenting the information following a certain logic to.

Without a doubt. Improve the usability experience . Analyze the path that a user takes until they reach the conversion and you will see if they follow the appropriate steps or. On the contrary. They get lost along the way. If the experience or presentation is disastrous. You will see that your potential customers have to go through more instances than they should or that they leave the tour before reaching the desired goal because they do not know what to do.

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That will be the time to redesign the website to improve it and promote positive interaction with prospects! 8- conversion it does not facilitate or stimulate the conversions of the visits if. Despite offering a good user experience or a disruptive visual proposal. It is difficult for you to achieve conversions (of any kind. Purchase. Register. Download a document. Complete a form. Leave a comment. Contact the company or make a reservation ). It is essential to redesign the website in its entirety.

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