So We Had to Work Well Together

Google will notify you when you can no longer Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List access your data in Universal Analytics. Customize link with Google Ads If you’ve linked Google Ads to Universal Analytics. The data will no longer be forwarded to Google Ads from July 1, 2023. Goals that you have Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List imported into Google Ads, on which you are optimizing.

With Small Changes in the Design

Audience lists that you send to Google Ads from Universal Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List Analytics, and any other site stats you now import into Google Ads. You must therefore link your Google Ads to Google Analytics 4. Then your conversion data will remain visible in Google Ads, which are used for bid. Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List optimization. But if you link Google Ads with both Universal Analytics and GA4, you want to avoid double-measurement of conversions in Google Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List Ads.

To do this, you can remove the UA goals from Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List Google Ads. And then import the conversions from GA4. The disadvantage of this method is that you cannot compare the conversion measurement from Universal Analytics and GA in Google Ads. Also read: 5 alternatives to Google Analytics (GDPR proof) Convert primary to secondary A better option is to convert. The conversions from Universal Analytics Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List from primary to secondary conversions in Google Ads. You do this in Google Ads as follows:

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