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How to Use The “Engagement” Field When Doing Advancd Twitter Search Using the “Engagement” field for Twitter Advance Search. The depth of engagement is measure by the number of retweets, replies, and likes a tweet receives. A tweet that generates thousands of retweets is doubtless an engaging tweet. When you are doing an advancd Twitter search, maybe for your . Competitor’s brand, you can filter the search results by level of engagement. The way to do this is to specify. The minimum number of retweets, likes, or replies in the search field or any combination of those three. By doing this, you will absolutely wed out posts that add more noise and don’t add value to your search.

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How to Use The “Dates” Field When Doing Advancd Twitter Search Using the “Dates” fields for advancd search. If you remember a tweet but you can’t remember . The exact date it was tweetd, the “Date” option has you covere, that is if you can remember the.

Period within which the tweet was sent out. Under Afghanistan Mobile Number List the heading ‘Dates,’ you can select a specific date range and only receive search results from that time. You’ll simply enter the date ranges, and the relevant tweet will be displayd. regardless of how long ago the phrase was tweete. One thing to note is that the first tweet was sent. On March 21, 2006, so the system would default to that date if you enterd a date earlier than that one. Don’t Forget the Search Operators Similar to the advand search operators available for Google, Twitter also provides for a wide range of search “tricks” to help narrow in on your target from any of Twitter’s search boxes.

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These will help you wee out the useful tweets from the pics of what users had for dinner. Twitter search operators. How to Understand Advance Twitter Search Results Everything You Nee to Know About Twitter Advancd Search Twitter has an algorithm that will determine how you get the search results and in which order. While what drives the nature and order of Twitter’s Advancd Search results isn’t known with certainty, several metrics may play a role. These may include tweets that have elicite a certain level of reaction, relevance, time-lapse of the tweet, and location, among others.

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