TikTok promoting business and personal brand + shooting manual

In the article we will talk about the technical differences between TikTok and Instagram. Let’s talk about the typical myths and misconceptions that exist around TikTok today. In the article you will find practical examples of all the videos and genres that TikTok has to watch and choose something for yourself. It is important to understand that TikTok was born as a kind of Instagram follower, but with its own differences. Everyone knows what Instagram Stories are – vertical photos and videos are the most popular format today. In 2019, a whole layer of users formed who only watched stories. It has become the main driver of content marketing. The emergence of a social network consisting entirely of stories was just a matter of time. Such a network german telephone numbers, the Chinese company ByteDance made TikTok.

Where to start, background

You have to master the new Tiktok platform, so it is very important to introduce yourself. It doesn’t matter if it’s a personal blog or a business, you will need to tell who you are and what you want to talk about. Try to remember your background, who you were and who you have become today – you can show your life path and instantly inspire trust and respect. What is TikTok TikTok is a cool platform with an incredible amount of creative people. There is only one type of content on TikTok – video. It has no posts, no statuses, no long texts and photos, only vertical videos. TikTok has traditionally developed a division: up to 15 seconds they shoot a humorous genre, short scenes (vines), and up to 60 seconds – expert content. If you are telling something informative and giving advice.

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TikTok audience in Russia

In Russia, now there are from 12 to 18 million active audience per month. Approximately 12 million people are active daily. An active user is someone who watches the feed, puts likes and writes comments. But there are not so many active authors who make videos. Not everyone wants to shoot a video – most people on Tiktok exist in the “read only” format, that is, those who watch other people’s videos subscribe and comment. Actually, they will watch your videos. The slide shows that 73% of users use the app on Android smartphones. This is due to the fact that a significant proportion of users on the site are teenagers, and their parents do not buy expensive iPhones. The main audience in Russia is the most ordinary people, aged 13 to 40 DV Leads. 57% of the audience are quite adult people, from 18 to about 40 years old. 21% are people from 25 to 35 years old, this is a very solvent audience that perceives B2B information well, they may already be interested not only in dancing on TikTok, but also in expert content.

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