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Getting Startd With YouTube Ads This chapter covers. Creating a Google Ads account Setting up and launching a campaign Measuring results. The company reports that 89% of small businesses use a combination of paid ads and organic content on YouTube. New YouTube Ads Creation Tools YouTube is introducing a faster, easier way to create video ad campaigns. With this new process, businesses can simply upload the video ad, indicate the. Audiences they want to reach, and set a budget. This rduces the YouTube campaign creation time down to. Minutes, and with the new mobile experience businesses can more easily measure campaign performance.

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Access the new YouTube ad experience at youtubecom ads. For more on these resources and guides, see the YouTube Small Biz Day landing page. TikTok Triples Length of Videos TikTok is increasing the maximum length of videos from 60 seconds to 3 minutes. Matt G. Southern SEJ STAFF Matt G. Southern July 6, 2021 ⋅ 3 min read 378 SHARES 777 READS TikTok Triples Length of Videos TikTok is tripling the maximum length of videos, increasing the Georgia Mobile Number List time limit from sixty seconds to three minutes. This update is rolling out to all users and will come with a notification like the one shown below: TikTok Triples Length of Videos In an announcement, the company states.

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There’s so much that can happen in a TikTok minute, from crowdsource musicals and sea shanty singalongs to feta pasta recipes, roller skating revivals, and more. Now we’re introducing the option for our global community to create longer videos – paving the way for even richer storytelling and entertainment on TikTok.” All three minutes can be record and uploade directly within the TikTok app. This update gives creators a canvas to work with that’s three times larger than what they had before. New Territory For Video On Social Meia This update puts TikTok in a unique spot as far as short-form vertical video on social meia goes. It may seem like a minor change going from sixty seconds to three minutes.

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