These are the same symptoms of previous catastrophes

The war surcharge that is paid to ensure circulation in areas close to the conflict… These are the same symptoms of previous catastrophes. In fact, this payment for cargo that is in transit will further complicate transactions for logistics operators. And it is that, the lines that provide direct services to the black sea have been stopped immediately due to the war, which is a logistical challenge for the cargo that is already sailing on board those ships. You like challenges? Would you like to learn more about the distribution operations of a country?

Would you like to learn more

What is the operations department and what are its functions? Train properly and become an expert in logistics and transport . We are waiting for you in inesem !surely you have heard of a very fashionable term in companies, team building. In Latvia Phone Number this article, we will analyze what this type of activity consists of and the benefits it can bring to the organization. Since then, team building has evolved in such a way that it has become a key trend within the strategy of any organization.

We start from the basis that

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The concept of team building has its origins in 1920 when the british psychologist william mcdougal published his book “the group mind”, in which he spoke about the importance of forming work groups and the conditions for them to join . Both managers and employees can participate in this type of activity. This theory reinforced other studies that show the direct relationship between group cohesion and productivity. We start from the basis that the team is a fundamental piece for any company.

Without a cohesive team aligned with the strategy, it is not possible to achieve the objectives. On some occasions, the teams do not work with the desired level of efficiency because there is a negative work environment or because the communication between the workers is not entirely effective. It is possible that, in these cases, productivity levels drop and interpersonal conflicts increase. For this reason, team building activities aim to unite the team and work together, in order to achieve a common purpose. The concept of teambuilding, as its name suggests, consists of building a group through activities or games that allow members to become a true team. Team building activities aim to

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