There Were Already Countless Event

Hybrid Handshakes Before corona, there were already countless event apps for sharing information about the event. In the past two years, those possibilities have expanded insanely El Salvador WhatsApp Number List and you see not only powerful AI-based matchmaking, but also all kinds of hybrid possibilities. In addition to inspiration, networking remains the most important reason for people to visit an event. That is why it is important as an event organizer.

To facilitate Countless Event

If there is a hybrid audience, it is also important to pay extra attention to this. Too often I see here that both forms of public are closed off from each other in separate network environments. A missed opportunity. Recently I saw myself at events that visitors really wanted to connect with ‘the other audience’, because there were also interesting people there.

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Countless Event this properly

It is important to work this out very well in advance and to facilitate well during the event itself. Think about how you, as a physical visitor, would prefer to network with a virtual visitor. Sitting on a comfortable chair and with stable wifi. Because video calling consumes power, preferably also with a power strip or socket nearby.

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