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We have started to use social media more actively, with Belarus WhatsApp Number List an average of 10 minutes more per day. It is striking that this increase is particularly noticeable in the age group 20 to 39 years. This group is online no less than 27 minutes longer per day on social media channels than in 2020. The only (slight) decrease can saw in the age group 15 to 19 years.

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In total, we spend an average of 107 minutes a day Belarus WhatsApp Number List using social media. Use social media in minutes per day – Newcom 2022 Number of platforms used is increasing The group aged 20 to 39 also stands out in the number of platforms used.

The graph below shows an increase in all groups, with them it is the largest: from 5 to 5.6 platforms on average. Number of platforms used by age group – Newcom 2022 The national average is the use of 4.2 platforms per person, compared to 3.9 last year.

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Newcom indicates that they have base this on Belarus WhatsApp Number List the platforms that were also measure in 2020 and 2021. This year they includ 11 platforms in the survey for the first time, these results have not yet been processed for the trend. You can read more about the newly included platforms later in this article.

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