The truth about getting followers on Instagram

Surely you thought that Instagram is a profitable way to make money, and how cool it would be to have 10,000+ subscribers to earn money from advertising? The path to popularity seems simple: increase the number of followers in your account in order to become visible to brands and put ads in motion. But in reality, everything is not so simple. In the article we will tell you why you should not buy subscriber bases and what harm they can do to your account. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this free korean phone number so you can decide if it’s right for your brand.

What is a subscriber boost?

Cheating followers and likes on Instagram is a “gray” promotion method. It is used by accounts that want to quickly gain followers. Here you need to understand that such subscriptions will be from “dead” accounts or bots that do not view Stories, do not like posts and do not write you direct. You get an increase in quantity, and benefits – 0. Can you buy Instagram followers? There are many cheap services that allow you to buy 1,000 subscribers for as little as $10. But you only pay for the number. If this method was so good for such a cost, then everyone would use it. So what’s the catch? Is cheating subscribers a legitimate method of promotion? Is it account safe? And in general, is it worth the investment? The main pain that buying followers on Instagram is a wasted investment – because most users are inanimate people or bots that do not bring any activity and reach.

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Instagram Performance Metrics

Where reactions are interactions with your content – ​​the number of likes, comments, saves, reposts. Example : The account has 1000 followers, the last post got 80 likes and 10 comments. ER = (80 + 10) / 1000 * 100% = 9%. The more active the audience, the higher the engagement. Using the formula, you can check the activity in your account or when choosing an influencer for further cooperation. Instead of cheating inactive subscribers, focus your efforts on attracting an active audience: share quality content, ask for feedback on your products, and share feedback in your account. Focus on building relationships with real audiences. If your content is interesting and relevant to the audience, loyal subscribers will spread DV Leads, like posts, repost stories and interact with your brand in every possible way without any bribes.

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