The State of the Jordan Phone Number Receptionist Salary

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How much do in-house Jordan Phone Number receptionists get paid?

Apart from the salaries that you have to pay them. You will also have to pay an additional 10% as payroll expenses. According to Indeed Salary, average hourly wages of receptionists differ only marginally Jordan Phone number across cities in the US. However, differences do exist. A receptionist in Miami may make $10.85 per hour, while her counterpart in San Francisco may make $16.24. The differences may seem significant but the cost of living in cities like San Francisco is much higher, justifying the higher average hourly rates. If you hire a full-time receptionist, you will be spending almost $2,800 per month, which works out to $33,600 every year on receptionist salary.

Cost-effective solution for Jordan Phone Number businesses is virtual receptionist

An alternative to hiring in-house receptionists is to hire virtual receptionists. We provide virtual receptionist services to businesses and individuals, who need help making and receiving calls, scheduling Jordan Phone Number appointments, enter data, and much more. If you compare Abby Connect’s virtual receptionist prices with that of hiring a full time in-house receptionist, there is simply no comparison. You will be spending only 1/56th of what you will probably spend if you hire a full-time receptionist. At $279 per month with 80-104 hours of phone answering during working hours, there is simply no better way to save money. At $279 per month, you get 5 dedicated full-time virtual receptionists. If you hire 5 full-time in-house receptionists, you would probably spend to the tune of $168,000 a year on receptionist salary.  Best database provider | classy database

Sometimes, you need Jordan Phone Number both

If you are a larger company and need the physical presence of receptionists to run various errands. However, you can still save money by reducing the number of full-time in-house receptionists you plan to hire. Hire Jordan Phone Number virtual receptionists simultaneously. This way, you will have the best of both worlds, and reduce a lot of expenditure too. As you can see, receptionist salaries can burn a hole in your pocket. It is not advisable to hire full time in-house receptionists except in special circumstances. By hiring virtual receptionists, you will spend only a fraction of money on receptionist salary. In those special circumstances when you need a receptionist’s physical presence. You can reduce your expenditure by hiring fewer in-house staff.

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