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Will we live parallel to our digital fellow human beings UK WhatsApp Number List in the future? Will we soon be discussing our problems with a digital therapist instead of a real person? Also read: 3 marketing lessons from The Queen’s Gambit Digital people are becoming more and more empathetic and are taking on a greater role in our lives. Will we soon see or hear the difference between humans and machines? Title : The Digimens Running time : 48 minutes To be viewed via.

Social Minds

VPRO 8. The Great Hack This documentary film from UK WhatsApp Number List 2019 should not be missing from the list. It is about the scandal surrounding the Cambridge Analytica company. The Netflix description sums it up nicely: “Learn how data company Cambridge Analytica became a symbol of the dark side of social media in the aftermath of the 2016 US presidential election.” Are you going to watch this documentary? Then it is also interesting to read this column by Maurits UK WhatsApp Number List Martijn in De Correspondent. As with almost every documentary.

UK WhatsApp Number List

You Won’t Hear Buzzwords

The Great Hack also raises serious questions about a UK WhatsApp Number List number of things. Title : The Great Hack Running time : 114 minutes To watch via : Netflix IMDb rating : 7.1 9. Fantastic Fungi Fantastic Fungi is a time-lapse journey through the magical, mysterious and medicinal world of fungi. This Netflix documentary is a bit of an odd one in this list, but according to Sira (a friend of mine) the watch list is not complete without this tip.


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