The resource recycling truck in Yonghe Nation is dispatched

Minzuli, Yonghe District is one of the “Golden Collection Stations” of the Environmental Protection Bureau of the New Taipei City Government. This site has entered its 7th year.

Not only does it provide fixed-point services,

but volunteers also ride “resource Slovenia Phone Number recycling vehicles” to actively Attack, go to the streets and alleys with a bang! Puff! Let us inform you that the “Golden Collection Station” has started to serve you! B26_(4) The resource recycling results within the mile are shared by the whole mile.

The rior also used the funds from resource recovery in the trees

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And sports equipment, slides, aquaponics facilities in the two parks in the riner, meals for the elderly in the riner, awards and subsidies for low-income households, and so on.

Every spring cherry blossom season, there will be cherry blossom viewing concerts held in the ethnic group. Usually, everyone is welcome to take a walk and discover all kinds of ingenuity of the volunteers! Citizens of New Taipei can also look for the “Golden

Collection Station” in the nearby neighborhood, and carry the recyclables at home to exchange for the special garbage bags in New Taipei! B26_(2) If you want to see more information about environmental recycling, please subscribe to [Recycling Green Newspaper]

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