The possible mission of a Brand

Selling cups or glass products is very vague, anyone can do it, so we needed to define the mission and pillars of “Debora Baker Atelier”, what she, as a brand, wants to pass on to clients or people who admire her work. . Products, such as glasses of wine and gin, are widely used in social gatherings, especially among friends and family. So the question was: how will Debora’s glasses add to these moments? In addition, the products are very handmade and exclusive, all hand-painted. After some conversations, buy phone number list finally got to her mission, and what she wants to convey.

Is everyone my client?

We have why the brand exists and the concept behind it, we define now, with whom and how, we need to communicate. And that’s where the “Buyer Persona” comes in, which is basically a stereotyping of your customer, how you see them, what their characteristics are and how, how much brand, you should communicate to reach them in a more assertive way. Based on current customers, and who consumes the brand the most, we defined two buyer personas, one for B2B and one for B2C. B2C – Luara, 35 years old, businesswoman in the high-end home and decoration business. Married and with 2 children. Influencer and well connected in the environment in which she lives.

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Organizing a blogger the face of a Brand

Content organization and planning is essential for a brand to grow on social media, standardizing photos and videos, scheduling when to post each content, creating interactivity with followers to increase engagement and so many other ways. With that, we created a weekly calendar, with the objective of bringing the client closer to the brand, with day-to-day content, showing the experience of the studio. After defining everything behind the brand, I worked on the visual part, such as the logo, color palette, card and post suggestions. The DV Leads identity of the brand is very important, and therefore, it takes longer for the brand to approve all the details. 

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