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Users can untag themselves from photos on Twitter. So it would be fitting if they could also untag themselves from regular tweets. Source: Dominic Camozzi. News Twitter ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT. A the Next Article Twitter Adding ‘Subscribe’ Button to Profiles For . Newsletter Signups Twitter users can soon sign up for newsletters . By clicking a ‘Subscribe’ button on peoples’ profiles. Matt G. Southern SEJ STAFF Matt G. Southern June min read . SHARES 2.0K READS Twitter Adding ‘Subscribe’ Button to Profiles For Newsletter Signups Twitter is adding a ‘Subscribe’ button to peoples’ profiles that will allow users to quickly sign up for newsletters. The signup and distribution process will be facilitatd by Revue, a newsletter publishing company Twitter acquire back in January.

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Revue broke the news via a series of tweets, stating: “We’re currently building new ways to grow your newsletter audience, and we want to Armenia Phone Number List preview one that will live right on your Twitter profile. We want to give writers tools to turn their growing, engage Twitter audience into newsletter subscribers. This will be available for Revue newsletters soon, so stay tund. Now, back to work to keep building.“ After signing up, newsletters will be sent to the email address associate with the user’s Twitter account. Revue share an example showing how the process works. The Subscribe button will appear on a user’s profile underneath the mutual followers section. Twitter will display the name of the newsletter, a brief description of what it contains, and how many subscribers it has.

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After hitting the Subscribe button, a notice appears telling the user that their email address will be sent to the newsletter creator. From this screen users will have the option to read a sample issue before officially handing over their information. As a final step, users will be askd to confirm their subscription by clicking a link in their email. Looks like a good design choice as it will help prevent accidental signups. The feature is reportely rolling out in the next few weeks and will be available to anyone with a Revue account. Availability Publishers who have Revue newsletters will be able to activate this feature directly in Revue. Considering how publishers can offer paid newsletter subscriptions through Revue, this may be the first instance of users being able to monetize their Twitter profile.

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