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they show that they solve what you think is the biggest Poland WhatsApp Number List problem at the moment. Also read: Elections & SEO: political parties score with these unexpected searches VVD: Hollywood film or campaign clip? Accept Poland WhatsApp Number List cookies The Rotterdam VVD decided to take these elections seriously: their campaign video looked like a Hollywood production . But apart from the slick images, this video also makes Poland WhatsApp Number List clever use of various heuristics. The main one is the ingroup/outgroup principle.

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Here you frame the opponent as from a different (and worse) group than your own group. The VVD presents itself here as an ingroup of problem-solving Poland WhatsApp Number List entrepreneurs, and their competitor as grumbling civil servants. In addition, at the of the video, VVD celebrity and former mayor of Rotterdam Ivo Opstelten is also taken out of the stable. Clever use of the authority heuristic  we are quicker to accept a message. From people Poland WhatsApp Number List whom we attribute – in whatever way – authority.

Just think of the commercials with “dentists Poland WhatsApp Number List recommend this toothpaste”. D66: All balls on Kaag Accept cookies D66 only puts the heavy guns in these elections. All the balls on Kaag. The campaign team is convinced Poland WhatsApp Number List that the D66 voter will come out of their house to vote for the party of the current Minister of Finance, the table dancing winner of the last parliamentary elections. They are clearly involv in authority bias

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